School Fees Should Be Reduced In Tertiary Institutions – Students

School Fees Should Be Reduced In Tertiary Institutions – Students
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Some Concern Students of the Tamale Technical University has tasked their SRC Executives to negotiate for a reduction in fees on their behalf since their not using the facilities on campus anymore.

Usually, school fees break-down consist of how students mostly use campus facilities but since they are not on campus due to the pandemic, the school fees should be reduced drastically to aid them afford the online learning.

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A student raised a concern asking that should in case the pandemic doesn’t end any time soon and there is the need for students to get their education online, then some amounts of their fees should be refunded to them so that they can use that to buy internet data to access their online education.

According to the student, he believed that since they were not using the university facilities and other things like the electricity, laboratories, water, campus Wi-Fi, and many more, then a portion of their fees should be used for the internet data, smartphones, laptops and other things which are very necessary for the E-Learning which has been introduced recently.

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Online classes have been ongoing for around three weeks. Although the government last week announced that schools should still be closed down for two more weeks, it is unclear when universities will reopen campuses and resume all classes following experiences in some other countries of a resurgence of cases once lock-downs are eased.

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In other news, The National Youth Coordinator of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), Mr. Thomas Musah says the closure of schools must continue until we have been able to deal with the pandemic (corona virus) outbreak.

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